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The Thermoskin Double Shoulder support effectively warms the shoulder to aid in the recovery of shoulder injuries, shoulder surgeries or to prevent shoulder injuries from occurring. The unique and unparalleled quality of the Thermoskin material captures body heat and increases blood circulation while still allowing the skin to ventilate and remain comfortable.

Thermoskin heat retainers are a simple form of prolonged heat treatment for muscles, tendons and ligaments. The application of Thermoskin heat retainers will enable the return to regular activity more quickly.

The high quality Thermoskin Shoulder support is the most widely used shoulder support because it...

  • Increases the blood flow to the damaged tissues and speeds up the healing process
  • Provides light compression to counteract tissue swelling
  • Allows skin to ventilate and remain well oxygenated and therefore comfortable
  • Reduces stiffness

Unique to Thermoskin® is the Trioxon - the material which not only captures and retains the natural body heat, but also allows the skin to ventilate and remain comfortably dry.

Trioxon is a red inner lining fabric that is worn against the skin and not only assists in capturing and retaining your natural body heat, but also unlike other products allows the skin to remain comfortably dry and allows Thermoskin® to be worn for prolonged periods of time.

"Trioxon sets Thermoskin® apart from its competitors!"

  • Trioxon offers greater strength, comfort and resilience
  • Does not crush to become ineffective over time
  • Retains capacity to absorb perspiration
  • Allows skin to Ventilate
  • Enables skin to remain comfortable for longer periods than other shoulder supports

Therapy Tip: For fast recovery of your shoulder injury ice the injured shoulder with a cold compress at least two times per day for 20 minutes per session.

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"This support gives me excellent support and it keeps my shoulders warm and loose while I am active. I can even wear it when I play baseball which requires a lot of arm movement."
Ben T.
Westerville, OH

"I recommend this to everyone. It is a really great product by a great name brand. I love it thanks so much."
Janet S.
Zimmerman, MN

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